16 Epic Benefits of Public Speaking

¡Hola! Public speaking tips are easy to give, but it is the main task to absorb them and execute them accordingly. Tell me one thing.

Back in your school days, did you get to read any lessons in your English period on how to give a speech? Or any public speaking class, as a matter of fact? Of Course not. Because this is not a part of the curriculum. No teachers or courses in school can teach you the benefits of public speaking as a kid. One day or the other, there has to come a moment in life where you realize that the concept of public speaking needs to be understood, with all the whys and hows that come along.

Some extroverts are born with it, but if you were one of those silent, non-engaging kids and you feel now is the time for a change, you have landed in the right place. Are you also thinking that learning the art of public speaking is backbreaking?

Well, nope, if you get the perfect guidance, it has the potential to change your life delightfully. Apart from boosting your day-to-day confidence, learning about the benefits of public speaking can improve you both personally as an individual as well as professionally.

Let’s see how!

For instance, let’s say you have a breathtaking speech prepared with you full of surprising elements and exciting facts, knowledgeable as well as detailed, but ask yourself this question- Will that all matter if you’re not able to properly deliver all that valuable content?
NO. Furthermore, you’d get disheartened by the fact of being unable to do your best even after so many days of preparation 🙁 Basically, all the positive and negative consequences depending on your method of delivery.

Body language parameters
An excellent public speaker not only gives mind-blowing speeches but also takes charge of a truly confident body language. Your attitude describes who you are and not words. Do you wanna know all the beautiful parameters and mannerisms that define the kinesics of the body while delivering a speech?

  • Appearance
  • Hand gestures
  • Head movements
  • Tone of voice
  • Pitch
  • Face expressions
  • Confidence
  • Eye Contact
  • Posture
  • Composure

Ah! I would like to differentiate between eye contact and eye gaze.
Gaze is generally looking someone in the eye consciously or unconsciously for a more extended time as compared to eye contact, just like the expression gazing at the sky or stars, but you don’t do eye gaze while delivering a speech, obviously. Eye contacts, on the other hand, are short as well as spontaneous. Yes, for good communication, gazes are healthy but to a limit making sure that the other person does not start to feel uncomfortable.
Communication skills and critical thinking skills go hand in hand for personal and professional success.

Professional benefits of public speaking skills

Providing you global exposure– Effective public speaking skills indicate professionalism and give you recognition in the outer world.

Implementing leadership qualities– they indeed make your value and define how you influence the job market and thus developing leadership skills within yourself.

Providing opportunities for career advancement– Stand out at interviews and win over your dream job!

Putting you at authority– Good communication skills help you build recognition in your field and make you an expert in your listeners’ perception. Developing leadership skills has a high authority in everyday life.

Increases your professional network– If you are a communicator having performance skills, professionals will wish to meet you on behalf of your organization. After all, they are humans too and will trust the ones they can connect with.

Establishes strong credibility– How will your points become relevant for everyone else? Critical thinking quality is essential to make them understand your point of view.

Personal benefits of public speaking skills

Making you feel empowered as you find your voice– Ever wondered about personal success? No? Maybe because in this life full of hustle focusing on professional success, we forget to empower ourselves.

Expressing yourself freely– you won’t fear what they think of you. If you trust your speech enough, you will hardly notice any kind of anxiety in yourself related to the outer world.

Increasing your self-confidence– Indeed! Boosts your confidence and makes you powerful.

Giving you better control of your emotions– neither too excited in happiness nor too upset in sadness. A strong person is not the one feeling happy all the time; instead, they know how to normalize their emotions and express the right ones in the right place.

Upgrading your body language– As we were earlier talking about all the different parameters to focus on in order to have a better version of body language.

Releasing happy hormones and making you feel good– as we all know, you can spread happiness only and only when you are happy on the inside.

Higher social influence– How is that feeling of opening social media in your free time to a substantial positive change in your followers? Amazing, I know.

Increasing your networking opportunities as more and more people get to know you- Naturally, anyone would want to connect personally with someone they liked working with.

Shooting up your influencing ability– when you become an influencer, there is no turning back. Even if there is, you would help yourself rectify it because otherwise, there will be no point starting in the first place.

Improving your memory– Really? How?
Practical public speaking skills = A better brain.
You are improving your memory with the help of cognitive enhancement for example, stronger focus and mental flexibility, critical thinking, improved problem solving, and decision-making abilities.



A widespread and unknown fear is nothing but the fear of speaking in public. It is not chronic but another one from the benefits of public speaking includes getting rid of this phobia. Many famous personalities suffered the same.
Examples are Mahatma Gandhi, Tiger Woods, Prince Harry, Rowan Atkinson, aka. Mr. Bean, singer Adele, and the list never end. Above all, even Sir Richard Branson, one of the world’s highest-paid speakers, gets nervous before going on stage.

It’s a human tendency to feel anxious before starting anything new and something huge. Some can control, others cannot.

Primary symptoms of Glossophobia:-

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Dryness inside the mouth
  • Heavy breaths
  • Tensed upper back muscles
  • Nausea
  • Panic and anxiety

Thought bubble versus Speech bubble

So what is uspeek? And how does it connect our thoughts with our words?
We often find it hard to bring our thoughts and words together in front of the public. The reason behind this issue is the large number of distractions around us. On one hand, public speaking engagements have their own worth however concentrating on what we are doing and what we came for becomes burdensome as confusion walks into our minds caused by the interruptions.
A tiny infant who has not started talking doesn’t mean he or she cannot think. The cute baby still has thousands of thoughts going on inside their head. Actions help him understand. Isn’t it? A similar methodology is to be taken into concern while speaking for others. The difference is you need to present well so that they understand you.

You speak; they listen. But your work does not end there. You ought to understand that your speech must leave an impact on the audience. It should be convincing enough for them to not forget about what they heard after they leave your room. And you can do that by having good control over your thoughts, and oral communication skills in a fluent effortless way.

Attention: Look! Grabbing someone’s attention is easy peasy but winning their heart is not! 😉

Who to practice with? That is exactly what uSpeek is for. Apart from analyzing all the given body language parameters in everyday life and even more, uSpeek will not judge you. We instead work together on your red parameters and make them green. Practicing your daily speech with us can help you in millions of ways you cannot imagine- from connecting your thoughts with words to winning people’s hearts!

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