Self-Assessment: Executive Presence

Evaluate your executive presence skills on the scale below by answering the following questions as honestly as you can.

1 = Strongly Disagree     2 = Disagree     3 = Neutral     4 = Agree     5 = Strongly Agree    

Command the room with Charisma :

  1. Your walk, posture, space, and facial expressions project ease, warmth and capability,
  2. Your vocal impact and your dress quality show executive presence.
  3. Others watch how you enter a room, sit in a chair and graciously interact.
  4. You have a command over the room with charisma. You look and sound confident.
  5. Your conviction and competence is based on nonverbal behavior.

Sub Total of Command of the room with Charisma :

Leverage Influence and Power :

  1. You understand the organization’s power and politics.
  2. You use influence without being seen as political.
  3. You know how to use the power you have been given in a values-based manner.
  4. You are respectful, but not afraid to speak up and out. You know when to be a leader, but also know when to follow.
  5. You are seen as a person looking for solutions, and perceived as an optimistic not a complainer.
  6. You meet your commitments. People can take your word to the bank.

Sub Total of Leverage Influence and Power :

Expectations: Strategic and Tactical :

  1. You create your own direction.
  2. You move back and forth easily between strategic long-term vision and short-term tactical direction.
  3. You are seen as functionally deep, yet have a broad understanding of the business.
  4. You create an engaging vision for a goal or project which gives the tasks meaning and add value to the company.
  5. You are good at setting expectations for others and following up.
  6. No one has trouble following your thought process. You have no trouble communicating openly.

Sub Total of Expectations: Strategic and Tactical :

Audience Connection :

  1. You are good at making presentations.
  2. You connect well with the audience.
  3. People leave the room excited after hearing you speak.
  4. Formal and informal presentations of information are the moments in which people significantly assess your capability and it helps move your career upwards.
  5. You easily convince parts of the organization.
  6. You get your share of attention in a group or meeting

Sub Total of Audience Connection :

Relationship Competence Locally and Remotely:

  1. You have strong interpersonal skills.
  2. You are good with a variety of audiences, mediums, and keep up and use the latest technology.
  3. You are connected continuously both upwards and downwards.
  4. You have a broad view of the world. You can converse comfortably about a variety of subjects.
  5. You can discuss yourself and your team in a positive light without appearing to be bragging.
  6. You find it easier to get to know new people. Most people would you choose to sit next to this person at a dinner.

Sub Total of Relationship Competence Locally and Remotely :

Listening Engagement :

  1. You are a good listener
  2. You use active listening skills such as acknowledge, paraphrase and empathize.
  3. You avoid distractions while listening to others.
  4. You use your thinking speed wisely when listening to others. You focus on what that relates to that you already know.
  5. You don’t jump to conclusions while listening.
  6. You don’t monopolize the conversation.

Sub Total of Listening Engagement :

Inspiration, Motivation and Praise :

  1. You often praise and motivate people around you by appreciating good things that they do.
  2. You frequently have one to one chat with people in your team or peers.
  3. You consistently reinforce what you expect from others and frequently share your feedback.
  4. You make others feel valued and respected, no matter what pressures exist.
  5. When praising others, you demonstrate honest warmth, engaged poise and are careful to have a positive, upbeat tone of voice.
  6. People feel motivated when they spend time with you. You are determined, but not a bulldozer.

Sub Total of Inspiration, Motivation & Praise :

Grand Total of 7 Areas of Executive Presence :

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