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Personal AI Coach app
Personal AI Coach app
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uSpeek is an AI-based tool which helps you improve your spoken word. From body language, word power, to voice it gives you a holistic analysis, in a matter of minutes.

Job Interviews


Ace your dream job interview by getting personalized feedback on your answers. Preparation always pays.

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

Feel nervous with sweaty palms before a speaking event? Practice on uSpeek and become a Star.

Elevator Skills & Influencing Skills

Elevator Speech & Influencing Skills

Influence your manager, peer, or customer to get what you want. Be perceived as a leader.

Vlogs, Podcasts & Voice Works

Vlogs, Podcasts & Voice Works

Become an influencer by perfecting your style on videos and a magical voice that makes people swoon.

How it Works?

Watch the video below to see how uSpeek works and
the instant feedback report it generates.


a video

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Upload your
recorded video


Get AI-powered
insightful feedback

What You Get?

You get a detailed report on 25 unique parameters across three major areas: Body Language, Word Power & Voice. With the subscription, come learning videos and exercises to help you work on your areas of improvement.

Body Language

Are you looking like a winner? Bold and confident. Your body language is more important than how you sound or the words you use. A lot of times, we don’t know how we look and could have small mannerisms that we are unaware of.

Uspeek identifies your enabling and hindering micro expressions, eye contact, frequency of smiling, hand, leg and head movement.

It measures 11 criteria to give you an overall body language score. Based on your score and evaluation it will create a customized learning path for you which comprises learning videos, exercises and quizzes.

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Word Power

Uspeek has intelligent analytics which can help you improve your spoken word. Words cannot change reality, but they have the power to influence how people perceive reality. A single word can make the difference between the listener liking or disliking a person. While preparing for an influencing opportunity such as an elevator speech, presentation, interview or a public speaking event, use uSpeek to evaluate your words.

It will test across 9 parameters. From filler, pet, unique & repetitive words in telling you the emotions your words will generate in the listeners mind, positive, negative or neutral.

Words are free. It is how you use them that will benefit or cost you.

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Vocal Tone

uSpeek analyses your voice across 4 parameters: rate of speech, volume, pitch, and modulation. From the moment you speak, your audience will decide in a couple of seconds if they like and trust you, and whether you will inspire them. Research shows that vocal tone has an impact of 37% in face to face conversations. It is not what you say as much as how you say it.

Your voice triggers an emotional response in the listener. It takes all four parts of your voice to deliver a great impact. You get a decibel and a hertz graph for volume and pitch respectively and a wave graph for modulation. The rate of speech measures words spoken per minute and it is categorized into fast, slow, and moderate.

The learning videos and activities have a whole range of vocal exercises which can help you improve the quality of your voice.

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Awesome Features

uSpeek provides real-time, on the job personalized coaching at a very affordable price. Our feedback and analysis are precise and analytical.

Instant holisitc & accurate feedback

Holistic Accurate Feedback

We use a unique combination of machine learning, NLP, and data analytics to pioneer an instant effective coaching solution. Your video will be assessed across 25 parameters.


Blazing Fast

uSpeek generates the report of your video within less than 2 minutes. We are a cloud-based service and have the latest infrastructure to support a speedy & secure delivery.

Expert Coaching Lessons

Expert Coaching Lessons

Low scores on your video? Do not worry. We have our expert Jenny to guide you through a fun filled on-line learning experience comprising videos, exercises, games and quizzes.

Instant Speech to Text transcript

Instant Transcript

uSpeek generates a highly accurate transcript of your spoken words in the video. This can be used as a speech to text converter.

Download & Share

Download & Share

You can download your video PDF report on the spot. The same can be shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Whats App.

Set Reminders

Set Reminders

Customize reminders on a daily or weekly basis. You can get a flexible and personalized notification based on your own convenience and time to learn.

App Screenshots

uSpeek mobile app offers a vibrant & engaging User Interface for both Android & iOS. Personalization & gamification promise to make it a great fun filled learning experience.

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Team Members

A smiling face, high positive energy and empathy is what describes the uSpeek team members .

Jenny Sarang

Jenny Sarang


Shammi Pant

Shammi Pant


Pankaj Singh

Pankaj Singh

Technology Lead

Sahil Malik

Sahil Malik

Marketing Head


Here is what our uSpeekers have to say about us.

uSpeek gave me insight about myself that I don't have. Very easy to use. It's amazing. Now I know my voice, my body language and the words I use a lot better.
- Krishna Rao

I had so much fun using uSpeek. It's uncanny how much the tool tells you about yourself. I loved the colorful report , visually they are easy to read. Thank you uSpeek & Taz for coaching me!
- Clara Thomas

I had an important presentation to make. Was looking for someone who could coach me. Fortunately I came across uSpeek. It gave me accurate feedback on my body language, vocal tone and word power. I wasn't expecting so much. I am sold! This is a great tool.
- Chloe Tang


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Best Pricing Plan

We are affordable and flexible. Choose from the options below.

Plan Price No of Videos Validity Included Purchase
Free 0 1 7 Days Trial Video Free
Solo 199 /Video Depends on the # purchased 1 Month Per Video Buy Now
Starter 699 Unlimited 1 Months Monthly Subscription including learning lessons and certification Buy Now
Midway 1899 Unlimited 3 Months Three Monthly Subscription including learning lessons and certification Buy Now
Mastery 3299 Unlimited 6 Months Six Monthly Subscription including learning lessons and certification Buy Now
Perfection 5999 Unlimited 12 Months Annually Subscription including learning lessons and certification Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of frequently asked questions with answers. For anything not covered here feel free to reach out to us at support@uSpeeknow.com.

AI stands for artificial intelligence. It is a science which is related to transferring human intelligence to machines. With the aim of getting machines to work and react like humans
Using AI it is possible for a machine to understand written and spoken word, analyse it and provide insights.
it delivers personalized coaching, just in time and on the spot. Its accurate and removes human bias. Its scalability makes it very affordable. Since it trains on the job it reduces the learning cycle and helps build skills faster.
Yes, indeed it is very affordable. What would cost you X in a one-time class room or an online session, with AI will cost you 1/100th X for a continuous learning experience. Since it’s on the job and provides instant feedback it reduces your learning cycle time and thus your return on investment is far higher.
AI needs internet to run, in case of any network issues you will face disruption in service. The session will have to be restarted.
Research shows that only 12% of class room leaners apply the skills from the training to their job. 50% of the employees prefer to learn at the point of need. AI will not completely replace classroom however it is growing at a significant rate.
Yes, indeed it is very affordable. What would cost you X in a one-time class room or an online session, with AI will cost you 1/100th X for a continuous learning experience. Since it’s on the job and provides instant feedback it reduces your learning cycle time and thus your return on investment is far higher.
uSpeek will evaluate 3 aspects. Body language, Word Power & Voice. In all there are 23 parameters that it will assess you.
“Good Speakers are not born they are trained”. So, start with our basic video package. Know your ability and then don’t hesitate to subscribe to advanced packages and get to your peak performance
While this depends person to person and on the situation. Keep in mind good speaking is 99% perspiration and 1 % inspiration. Start with the basic package of at least 3 videos. This will help you to get a good grasp of your abilities. Then sign up for a subscription to start a customized learning plan.
If you have an interview tomorrow, you can upload your video answer to a key question and get instant feedback. However, we would recommend you start 3-4 weeks prior to the interview, as it will give you the opportunity to work on your areas of improvement by completing the learning exercises.
single video can range from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.
The permissible videos should strictly fall in the category of a person recoding his/her own talk/presentation shot at a simple location with minimal noise level and basic lighting. Any in- appropriate video content as defined in the terms and conditions will be rejected.
uSpeek is powered by professionals with over 50 years of experience who have coached 100,000 + participants across 24 countries. We work with highly qualified Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning experts based out of Toronto (Canada) & India.
uSpeek can help you in improving your interviewing, presentation & public speaking skills, elevator speech – influencing others & vLogs, podcasts & voice works. uSpeek subscription will give you a tailor-made learning plan which can significantly improve your speaking skills.
Yes. Please contact us support@uSpeeknow.com.
uSpeek supports English language only as of now.
We provide services across the globe for English language.
If you face any technical problems for example in uploading your video or in accessing your report please contact us at support@uspeeknow.com and we will take action.
How to Shoot a Video?
  • Shoot steady video.
  • You can use your smartphone or web camera to shoot the video.
  • Try to shoot wide screen video
  • Avoid unnecessary zoom and panning
  • Shoot in good lighting condition
  • Try and have a quiet environment
  • Please do not add any special effects or filters
How to Upload a Video?
  • Upload video in MOV, MP4 and Webm formats only
  • Ensure video is not > 500MB
  • Please ensure you are uploading a video only of yourself. And that footage is your self-property.
  • The video should only be of a single person. More than 1-person video is less effective as it will result in a mixed analysis.
  • To get a holistic body language score ensure you are showing your whole body is visible.

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Based on NLP (Natural Language Processing), Sentiment Analysis & Deep learning uSpeek is an AI-based tool which improves your spoken word. Download it now for Android & iOS

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